1. The size I want to order is not on the site, what should I do?

If your ring size is not available, we will be happy to make it for you. Ordering the right size is easy. Add your favorite ring in any of the presented sizes to your basket. Enter all the necessary information to place an order. In the "Comments to the order" section, write what size you need and complete the order. Then our manager will call you by phone to clarify the details. In a telephone conversation, you will once again tell us what size ring you need. The manufacturing process takes 3-15 days, it all depends on the decoration. The manager will inform you about more specific dates when confirming the order.

2. I need a custom ring size. Is it possible?

Yes, we have our own production and we can produce the size you need, for example 16.75 or 17.25

3. After receiving the ring/wedding ring, the size did not fit me. What to do?

If you are from another city, before agreeing on the order, we send you copies so that you can determine your size. But if you order a ring, for example, for an engagement and cannot tell us the exact size (you know the approximate one) and after confessing you realize that the ring does not fit the girl, we are ready to reduce or increase the ring. This is agreed individually, depending on the situation.

4. How to determine the size of the ring yourself?

There are several ways. The easiest is to use a finger meter in one of the jewelry stores in your city. We are also ready to send you copies so that you can determine your size.

5. Interested in a product of 750 samples. Do you produce this?

Yes. Any jewelry from our catalog can be made of gold of the highest standard. You can place such a special order by phone +380981850119 or through the shopping cart on the website. When choosing the second method, in the comments to the order, indicate that you need 750 gold.

6. Is it possible to order the production of your jewelry from my metal and my stones?

If you want to use a diamond, please contact our managers.

7. Do I need to make a subscription?

If the product is available, we will send it to you without prepayment. When making a product under the order, a partial prepayment is made. Read more in the section Payment and delivery.

8. I want to pay for the purchase using the «Payment in installments» service. Do you have one?

Yes, we have the «Payment by installments» service from Privat Bank. You can place an order through the Shopping Cart by choosing the appropriate payment method. Or call back by phone +380981850119 and we will help you to complete the order.

9. Can I cancel an order upon receipt?

If you ordered a product that is available, you can cancel the order upon receipt if the product does not suit you. If the decoration was made individually, coordinate this issue with our manager.

10. How can I be sure of the authenticity of the product and diamonds?

The guarantor of the quality and authenticity of the jewelry is the sample of the product, which is put in the State Assay Service of Ukraine. In addition, the certificate of conformity of the product is its tag, which indicates all the characteristics of the metal and diamonds. You can order from us a product with diamonds with GIA, IGI certificates.

11. Do you use natural diamonds?

We work only with natural diamonds.

If you did not find the answer to your question, just call us +380981850119 or write to the website / facebook / instagram chat.