In order for jewelry made of white, red, yellow gold and diamonds to serve you for a long time and with high quality, you need to take care of them from the first minutes of use.

What harms jewelry?

Ultraviolet, X-ray or radioactive radiation can dull the precious metal. We recommend removing jewelry when using harsh detergents, bleaches or stain removers.

Decorative cosmetics and hair care products (varnishes, mousses, creams) leave traces on a gold ring or chain. Follow the advice:

  • remove a ring with an insert by the rim, not by the stone;
  • when wearing bracelets and chains, watch the safety of the lock and the integrity of the product;
  • let your jewelry rest periodically.

Do not let precious items fall so that openwork inserts or decorative elements do not deteriorate. Gold items should be removed before going to bed and at a seaside resort, in a bath, sauna or shower. After all, sweat, salt water and a noticeable jump in temperature will lead to a change in the color of jewelry or cracks on them.

How to care for jewelry?

To get rid of dirt on jewelry, a warm solution of water and foamed liquid detergent will help: soak jewelry in it for 15 minutes, gently remove dirt with a brush, and then wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth. To enhance the effect, add a few drops of ammonia to the solution, it will eliminate greasy stains, giving the gold a great shine.

Complex contamination from the surface of openwork jewelry can be removed with a cotton swab. Bracelets and chains can be conveniently cleaned in a plastic bottle with a solution of water and neutral soap.

For delicate daily care of precious jewelry, use suede or microfiber jewelry wipes.

Ordinary soda and flannel fabric will help restore the original appearance of the darkened metal. For high-quality cleaning of products made of red, yellow or white gold, including those with inserts, special jewelry cosmetics are often used: paste, foam or liquid.

You will need a polishing cloth to clean, restore and protect, as well as a special anti-tarnish cloth. Products should be cleaned at least once a month. Then they will daily delight you with spectacular brilliance and beauty.

How to clean products with inserts?

Every time you remove a ring, bracelet or chain with inserts, wipe the item with jewelry wipes, gently cleaning them from external dust and dirt.

Gold items with diamonds and other natural minerals can be cleaned with a solution of washing powder and a soft brush. This method cannot be used if the hardness of the stone in the jewelry is below 5 units on the mineralogical hardness scale. Since each metal or mineral is unique and distinctive, we advise you to choose professional jewelry care products.

To clean, protect, color jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones, you can use special rinsing agents for the care of platinum, white or red gold. Versatile and high-quality professional products guarantee your rings, chains and other jewelry the first priority.

Once a year, it is worth visiting a jeweler who will evaluate the strength of the locks, test the reliability of setting the stones, if necessary, carefully clean the product with inserts, re-plating the jewelry with rhodium, polishing it to a bright shine.

How to store jewelry?

An ideal place to store gold rings, bracelets, earrings, chains is a padded box that is insulated inside and complemented by soft bags.

Each piece of jewelry should be placed in an individual box to avoid scratches, cracks or stains from metal oxidation. Gold must be stored separately from silver, jewelry with a higher standard - separately from jewelry with a lower standard.

Choose a place away from the bathroom, radiators or heaters. A room where there are no temperature fluctuations, unwanted fumes or moisture is perfect. You should not put gold or silver jewelry in a regular cardboard box, as the jewelry can blacken with sulfur over time.