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Paired wedding rings

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In the life of every person, a wedding is a touching and romantic event. The ceremony involves the exchange of rings and these decorations should be worthy of this crucial moment in the life of lovers, and at the same time both should equally like it. Many young people choose paired rings. They are executed in the same style and differ slightly from each other. The main condition when choosing jewelry is their harmonious appearance - jewelry should look elegant both on a strong male hand and on a gentle girl's hand.

In general, wedding rings are a symbol of the love of two people who become a couple, which means they become one. This integrity of the bride is emphasized by choosing identical wedding jewelry. In addition, a glance at the ring fingers of a man and a woman is enough to understand: they are a family.

Pair of rings: tradition of love

Statistics say that ⅔ of newlyweds prefer individual models of paired wedding rings. Complete jewelry is the most popular symbol of love, which the newlyweds share in half. Such a choice demonstrates the unity of two hearts and two souls.

Paired rings should not be made as a blueprint. The tradition of such jewelry goes back to ancient times. But even in the twentieth century, the relevance of this tradition remains great. With all the tolerance and emancipation of modern society, people enthusiastically observe their roots and honor rituals.

Which wedding rings to choose: paired or different

Paired wedding rings are not identical. At a minimum, they are distinguished by size: a male ring is always larger than a female one. But often such models, with all the external similarity, upon closer examination, have elements that contrast with each other.

Popular belief says that the rings must be identical - they represent the unity and kinship of the spouses. The shape, metal color, design and insert can be the same.

There is also a belief that paired rings do not have notches and engravings. It is believed that they should be smooth - this guarantees a smooth flow of harmonious married life. From a metaphorical point of view, any additional decorations can become obstacles in family life. Equality will provide the same width and thickness of jewelry.

But it happens that the tastes of the spouses are different and you need to take into account the preferences of two people. There is a way out - to buy different rings. This is the best option for modern couples in love. There is advice - to add something the same to the selection, for example, to make an engraving.

There are some tips when choosing an engagement ring for two. Firstly, the decoration should sit comfortably on the fingers, look harmonious. Secondly, practicality is an important selection criterion. If thin fingers are considered optimal, the width of the ring is 2.5-3.5 mm. Rings 4-6.5 mm are suitable for middle fingers. A plump ring finger requires decoration, the width of which varies between 7-8 mm. And on short fingers, accessories with a width of 2.5-4 mm look most harmonious.

Another recommendation is not to drink a lot of liquid before going to the jewelry store. Especially if it's hot outside, and some of the newlyweds are prone to swelling. This can lead to incorrect selection of the size of the wedding decoration.

Product type

Paired rings are of such types as:

  • American;
  • Europeans;
  • smooth;
  • with pattern;
  • with edges;
  • with a track of diamonds;
  • with matting;
  • patriotic;
  • thin;
  • wide.

Classical models are smooth gold rings with a semicircular section. But the design of these jewelry does not have a clear canon. Some rings have inscriptions, engraving.

Another type of wedding rings is Twin Set, when a pattern is repeated on the surface of paired rings. Thus, the design of paired gold wedding rings is able to take into account the tastes and needs of customers. Modern jewelry will not only decorate your hands, but will help to emphasize individuality.

What metal to choose rings and what color

When choosing a color, remember that red gold is considered a wedding classic. However, most newlyweds prefer white gold - it will give a soft sparkle and will look elegant and stylish.

Combination metal engagement rings are jewelry made using different colors of gold. For example, it could be a pair of wedding engagement rings that are made of red, yellow and white gold at the same time. Today, jewelers offer many unisex design options, among which there are also many brutal-style engagement rings designed for men. Jewelry made of white gold should be with a fertile coating - it will give the product a more attractive shine.

Insert form

Wedding rings can be with an insert-inlay. Such products are decorated with stones - they come with diamonds or cubic zirkonia. When choosing an openwork model, you need to pay attention so that it does not catch on clothes. Insert color may vary.


The cut is applied in the same way that stones are cut, and the randomness and asymmetry of its overlay makes each ring unique. Paired rings are presented in a longitudinal matte finish, but also look good in a polished version.


Modern couple rings are represented by models with an original and symbolic design. A striking example is the weave-patterned engagement rings, which are increasingly found on the fingers of brides. The intertwined elements represent the symbol of vitality, as well as the unity of wife and husband.

Depending on the design of the weave and the overall design solution, the ring can be elegant and restrained, or, conversely, voluminous and complex in structure.

The size

There are several ways to choose the size of a pair of wedding rings. The easiest is to go to a jewelry store and use your fingertip. Jewelry House LUNET is ready to send copies to customers so that they can determine the right size.

What is the feature

Qualified stylists recommend choosing paired jewelry that:

  • both will like it: both the girl and the guy should be delighted with the design;
  • will not cause disharmony, because they will have to be worn every day;
  • will differ in laconic design and resistance to scratches and damages.

Classic or modern design: what to choose?

A 100% classic is a gold headband with a round “barrel” profile without inserts. But at present, rings that are more decorative: the presence of diamonds, a diamond facet, have begun to be attributed to classic models. As a rule, a classic is a smoothly polished surface, although the presence of matting does not exclude decorations from the classic register.

Paired wedding rings in a modern style have a number of sub-styles:

  • minimalism with its conciseness, simplicity and precision;
  • high-tech with its industrial design;
  • jewelry geometry with an emphasis on the expressiveness of form.The material for a modern style ring is often white gold with a rhodium plating, giving a cold steel luster. And the use of yellow or red gold softens the image.

Advantages of ordering online

In today's world, online shopping is gaining popularity. This is because a couple can buy wedding rings of their own choosing without being influenced by sellers. At the same time, it is easier to make purchases in an online store than in a regular boutique. Having visited the site at a convenient time, you can slowly study the catalog, view photos and choose a model that suits your taste and budget. This saves time and effort.

Buy couple rings in LUNET

Jewelry House LUNET offers pair wedding rings, the price of which will pleasantly amaze you. Customers are offered a catalog to choose from - the site has a simple and understandable navigation. You can see photos of products, and the price of paired wedding rings should be clarified additionally with managers - it depends on the size, LUNET produces products individually for you. The choice will take a minimum of time. Delivery across Ukraine is free of charge.


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